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Event sites and whatnot...

So, a question or two for Event Stewards across the Knowne World.

What kind of prices are you paying for sites for local events?  (say 50 to 250 attendees)  How about Kingdom events?  I'm specifically wondering about indoor events, how much extra for a kitchen, wet site, whether those are important, etc.   What kinds of halls are you mainly using?  Churches, schools, fraternal orgs, hotels?   What sorts of things does your branch do (beyond the obvious taking care of the site) to foster good relations with site owners? 
Are you having more trouble these days finding sites? 
Do you have a dedicated person or team in your branch that handles this aspect?

I know, it's a pretty broad topic, I just wanted to get some conversation going, and it's something that plagues us from time to time.  In my experience, one of the most frustrating parts of event stewarding is finding the right site for the right event.  Site A is wet, and cheap, but too small.  Site B is very nice and big, but really pricey.  Site C is a good size and somewhat reasonable in price, but doesn't have a kitchen and is bone dry.  Then there is always parking to consider, as well as location, etc. 

I'm also looking for ideas outside-the-box.  Maybe something you do in your kingdom regularly that we haven't considered here because we just have never seen such a thing.  Just for example, the very idea of fighting indoors here is... well... crazy.  Which is silly, because it's really friggin hot for a good portion of the year.  No matter how often I remind people that indoor fighting happens in lots of areas, especially in the winter, no one here is really sure how that even works.  Including any sort of tournament at a local event in the summer months is near impossible, which frequently has the fighters complaining that we don't have enough tourneys at events.  :/ 

Anyway, I'm from the Barony of Atenveldt, Kingdom of Atenveldt - mka Phoenix, AZ.  Indoor sites are running anywhere from $500 to $1800 for the day, with variances (as I mentioned before) due to size, kitchen, wet/damp/dry, etc.  $1800 puts us at around a $15 site fee, with a main course included, (rather than going with a higher separate feast fee) which for our area is pretty darn high for a one day baronial event.  I'm really curious as to the average site fee across the board, (again, mostly for one day, local, indoor events) is this high or low to you, are people willing to pay more for a small event where you are?   The trixy part is, a higher site fee means possibly lower attendance, and a slimmer chance of breaking even.  Go with a smaller, cheaper hall, lower site fee, more people are able to come, and then we're possibly turning people away or cramming into a tiny hall. 

Is this a common dilemma, or are we just doing-it-wrong?  Thoughts, comments, experience? 
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