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ISO some fun descriptions of IKA

I'm new to this list, and delighted to find it, as IKA is one of my ongoing interests as I continue to play in the Society.

Once upon a time when the Intawebs was younger, smaller, and more text-based, I had a couple of links to texts that described in humourous terms some of the distinctions between kingdoms.

One was a description of 'Westies' and their descendants as 'people of the Word', and those of the East and their descendants as 'people of the Book' - having to do with how the SCA was disseminated very early in its existence (word of mouth vs being sent a copy of Corpora and the Known World Handbook), and how it led to differences in culture - ie. with how much reverence we treat our royalty, how we treat their wishes and desires, how seriously we take written rules, etc.
It also included a short explanation of the 'Atenveldt heresy'.

A second was a more pithy and fun desciption of differences in culture, about how to dig a hole.
The only line I remember was something like, 'If the king of the East says 'dig a hole', it takes Curia six months to find a shovel' (emphasising the interest in doing things through your officers, and them deciding at how urgent a pace you perform tasks).

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Can anyone point me to current links to such trifles? 

I was describing them to my beloved recently, but searches of Stefan's Florelegium and other likely sources turned up nada. Perhaps someone else's Google-fu is stronger than mine?

Genevieve la flechiere
Shire of Thamesreach, Principality of Insulae Draconis
Kingdom of Drachenwald (mka London UK)
(which is itself a child of the East)
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