Evil Imperial Barbarian (carrot_khan) wrote in sca_ika,
Evil Imperial Barbarian

Sifting for History

Greetings all, I was wondering if anyone here might remember an event that happened many years ago.

Somewhere in Outland's history is a story of how Marcus the Vintner liberated the Big Green Lady of the East. To wit - he got a signed charter for ownership of Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty.

The story featured the Kings of both the Outlands and the East, but no dates as to when it happened - only that it happened somewhere in the East Kingdom. The date range I have for this possible event is somewhere between June 1986 (first king of the Outlands) and May 2002, the time of King Bela I, who commissioned the story be written down to preserve for posterity. However, no one can remember when it happened or be able to tell me whether or not it truly happened. Marcus the Vintner is no longer active in the Society.

Does anyone remember witnessing this? Seeing the signed charter?

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