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Choosing a group name

I'm doing some research for an article on how SCA groups (from Kingdoms down to cantons and colleges) came up with their names. By coincidence, I found this group today and thought this community might be exactly the sort to assist.

From what I can tell the vast majority use a combination of the following tropes:
1. Translation into Old English, Gaelic, Welsh, German or Norse
2. Local landmarks (mountains, valleys, rivers, deserts, bodies of water)
3. Compass directions
4. A word for castle/town/city
5. A commentary on the climate
6. Dragons

I must emphasise that using these tropes is not a bad thing as it produces useful and usable group names.

However, what I'm looking for are the exceptions to these rules, the group names with interesting stories behind them.

I already have the background for the names of all Kingdoms and Principalities in the Known World except for Avacal and Tir Righ, so if you know the story behind either of the ones I'm missing, please let me know.

Otherwise I'm looking for barony, province, shire, college and canton names that are out of the ordinary or developed in a unique way.

Domhnall na Moicheirghe
Stormhold, Lochac
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