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Royal Guards

This came up in a conversation and I don't really examine them in enough detail to answer.

Do the Royal Guards of the current reigning majesties wear clothes (while on duty) that are in persona for their majesties or for their own persona's? Meaning, if the King/Queen are late period Spanish, and the guard usually does early period celt, does the celt dress in late period spanish while in court as a guard?

Offduty I assume they dress as they please. 
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Depends on the personality and the budget of the court and the guardsman. Usually he will go along with the Court Scenario, but it is seldom a "requirement".
Here, generally not. Royal guards wear their own clothes.
For Artemisia, usually there is no requirement, but there may be a special set of clothing commissioned for the head of the Guard to fit with TM persona/time frame - I have seen that a couple of times.

Mostly, the guard is from all over the Kingdom and also is all over the map in persona and budget.
yeah, what she said....
favors/baldrics are usually the comm denominator that people look for in Artemisia to identify guard members. But there may be an interesting idea here.
Varies in the East -- I'd say both options are pretty common. I think it correlates with how close the guards are to the Royalty: for instance, if the guards are mostly made up of Royal household, they are much more likely to put together co-ordinated garb...
In Atlantia, the Queen's Guards are issued mantles designating their status. They wear them with their best gear. I've never seen them fall in with the Queen's style as a matter of course.