Andrew Benton (spearweasel) wrote in sca_ika,
Andrew Benton

SCA Asian Persona Survey - Pre Gulf Wars Announcement

Greetings All Good Gentles,

SCA Asian Persona Survey

This is the "Pre-Gulf Wars" update about the SCA Asian Persona Survey. The project has been successful thus far, thanks to the assistance of a great many people. I have about 150 names, and have made contact with all but a handful of them. I suspect that this total is not even half of the total that might be out there.

As with past such notices, I am gathering the names, locations, and contact information from SCAdians playing personae that hail from Asia: China, Japan, Korea, India, and the Mongol Empire. I have not been able to reach the Mongols, Chinese, Japanese, and Indians residing within all of the Known World equally. Some have been simplicity itself. Other regions remain silent and underrepresented.

I ask that you pass this message along to other email lists or communities that you think might be interested, especially to kingdom or regional email lists. With your continued assistance, this project can remain a useful, viable addition to the SCA online presence.

I will be camping with the Barony of Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra, and I will probably be making introductions and gathering information any time I am not on the field. Look for me if you want to chat... I fight in black samurai armor, with black, white, and gold livery worn over it. My personal mon is a gold mitsutomoe. Please contact me at your convenience at

In Service,

Kamaitachi no Kansuke
aka "Spearweasel"
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